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It's not a pyramid, it's a prism.

To celebrate the first anniversary and express our gratitude to our major supporters in both crowdfunding campaigns we created a special collection of Piposh NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. Owners of the Piposh collector's edition are entitled to one non-fungible digital token.

PiposhNFTs contains all the characters from Piposh (1999) in their original colors, size, costumes, and posture - no changes were made. As a rule, we minted an NFT for each meaningful outfit that a character was wearing in the original game. To this, we added a citation from the game in the description. PiposhNFTs (1999) collection includes 136 tokens.

How did we do that?

Using Adobe Director 11.5 (R.I.P) we managed to gain access to the original files made with earlier versions of Macromedia Director. We were able to extract the original graphics from the files. Watch the full collection on the OpenSea.

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Krupnik's cocktail lounge

What can I do with a Piposh NFT?

Rub it in the face of your neighbors and keep it in a digital vault for the grandchildren (if you give blockchain technology more than five years…), or just offer it for sale on the marketplace for whatever exaggerated price you can think of. We invite you to sell your NFT and use your crypto to support other creators as you have supported us. Please note we do not charge any percentage fee from your sale, we just want to thank you for helping us bring Piposh back to life.


How do I get PiposhNFTs?

PiposhNFTs are part of the collector’s edition game package. We released about two-hundred copies of which half were pre-ordered through the various crowdfunding campaigns. If you are the proud owner of the collector’s edition there is an NFT waiting for you. Send us your crypto wallet address, and the token will be transferred to you free of charge and with no gas fees. If you are new to crypto, don’t worry. We made a guide for you - 

What’s inside the collector’s edition?

One never knows, but generally, the package contains the game’s box, art book, a poster, T-shirt, and some other memorabilia while supplies last. The package contains a digital key to the VIP version of the game on Steam; DLC including Piposh and Other Vegetables comics; the game’s OST, including the first-anniversary original hit song “No Difference” (Heb. לא משנה); and one Piposh NFT. The collector’s edition is offered at a fixed price of 500 ILS. The price did not change since the campaign, including shipping with Israeli Post in a padded envelope.

To order send us an email to and we will get back to you with the details.

Each week we will offer ten collector’s editions for sale including ten unique NFTs while supplies last.

Please notice that the NFT you get is random.


Copyrights materials

Trademarks and all intellectual property rights that you can imagine that are associated with the NFT are the sole property of Roy and Renard Gluzman. By owning a Piposh NFT you do not acquire the underlying work of art or any accompanying intellectual property rights. You are simply the owner of the metadata associated with the work; not the work itself. The owner of the NFT may not use the NFT or the data linked to the NFT (e.g. reproductions) for commercial purposes. The owner is however encouraged to present the NFT in his vegetable garden or on the fireplace (if he has one). We also encourage you to brag about owning a Piposh NFT on family gatherings and on social media. You are also entitled to transfer the NFT to a third party. Roy and Renard do not collect creators' fees from the selling of Piposh NFTs, and we do not encourage the selling of Piposh NFTs. We will not be responsible for any sales, falling prices, the unavailability of the HP due to maintenance, accident, or other reasons. Roy and Renard Gluzman will not provide any guarantee for the NFT itself (e.g. continuity, compatibility with other services). We do not guarantee that the value of the NFT will increase after the purchase. The blockchain is full of scams so be careful! Minors may not purchase the NFT, they should read books and act responsibly as adults do...erm.

Piposh collector's package

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Collector's Package

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